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FAQs: Compensation Data Management
FAQs: Compensation Data Management
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How does Compa know how my pay programs work (e.g., stock vesting)?

As part of your onboarding process, Compa will provide a questionnaire to capture your compensation program details. Compa’s customer success team will schedule time with you to review and confirm your answers so your pay programs are configured correctly in Compa.

How does Compa make pay data apples-to-apples across companies?

Compa’s data science engine structures compensation data by value, timing, and type. During your onboarding process, Compa configures your offer data to accurately structure compensation details. Every company participating in Compa Index completes this process, making it possible to compare pay apples-to-apples.

Does Compa Index include bonus and stock compensation?

Yes, Compa Index includes salary, ongoing bonuses, one-time bonuses, and stock compensation.

How does Compa Index value stock compensation?

Compa Index is based on offer data, and uses the estimated stock value at the time of the offer. Because offer data is transactional data, Compa relies on the perceived value of the stock communicated by the recruiter. Most enterprise companies make offers based on stock value, not number of units.

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