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Integration Overview: SmartRecruiters
Integration Overview: SmartRecruiters
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Compa Index connects with SmartRecruiters seamlessly via an API integration. Our data science engine structures offer data to provide powerful internal reporting and to connect you to real-time, offers-based market data.

This article contains details on resources required to complete the SmartRecruiters integration and the scope of data shared.

Completing your integration

It takes less than 10 minutes to connect SmartRecruiters to Compa. SmartRecruiters users with Admin access can follow these instructions.

Once Smartrecruiters is connected, your compensation team will receive a questionnaire regarding your company info, compensation programs, and career architecture. We recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Compa's implementation team will integrate your offer data from SmartRecruiters, in combination with questionnaire responses, and schedule time with you to review for accuracy.

Integration scope of data

The following table summarizes scopes required to connect Compa Index to SmartRecruiters.


Access Permission Sought

Required By Compa


Read access to user’s candidates list, details, tags, onboarding status, properties, attachments, screening answers and status history.


Read access to candidates’ offers and get offer terms.


Read access to candidate’s status history.


Read access to job applications


Read access to all company configuration settings for departments, hiring processes, job properties and offer properties. (NOTE: Requires an Admin user role)


Read access to user’s jobs list and details.


Get company information.

Contact your sales representative or email to get answers to any additional questions you may have about Compa Index integration.

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