Sharing steps are different for different audiences. The below information is specific to sharing Internally with anyone inside your organization*. (Click here if you're looking for information related to sharing Externally.)

*To ensure your recipients receive share link emails, we recommend your IT Team add "" to their safe sender list so emails don't get stuck behind a firewall.

Getting Started

Navigate to a candidate's profile screen and click "Share" in the upper right corner.

  1. In the "Our Team" tab, choose which sections you'd like to share by turning the toggles on or off

  2. Click "Next"

  3. Add an email (remember, the email must match your organization's domain) and hit Enter

    1. Add more recipients by hitting enter after each typed address

  4. Click "Preview" or "Send Invite"

Sharing Preview

If you've clicked "Preview", a new browser window will open with access to a read-only view. This view is what your internal stakeholder will see when they click the link from the email they receive. They will be able to click into Forecast, Swimlanes and/or Side-by-Side to see read-only details for related pay insights. Once finished, you can close the window.

Sending an Invite

If you've clicked "Send Invite" a summary modal will appear that includes:

  • A blue banner to indicate status

  • The Share icon in the top right will change from "Share" to "Sharing Active"

  • Options to deactivate, preview or copy the link

    • Note: In order to access Copy Link, you will first have to send an invite. In this way, Compa can use the email address to authenticate the viewer since sensitive information - like Guidelines - could be shared.

If you'd like to repeat the process, simply click "Create New Link" and you'll be directed back to the Our Team tab where you can toggle different selections and enter new email address(es).

Recipient Email

Once you've clicked "Send Invite", the recipient will receive an email message with a link to a read-only view. The link opens a browser window where the internal stakeholder will see Forecast, Swimlanes and Side-by-Side and be able to click into details to see read-only information.

Making Updates

If you've made changes to data for an offer, any updates will be seen by the receiver - as long as the link is still active. If you've added a new Pay Insight, Offer, or have changed your settings, you'll need to Create a New Link.


If at any point you'd like to end access to Sharing, click "Deactivate". A red banner indicating status will appear momentarily and the internal status box will disappear. If no other Sharing exists you'll be directed back to the getting started screen.

If you have active Sharing in place for other audiences (internal or external), the icon in the top right will stay as "Sharing Active", otherwise it will change back to "Share".

Link Duration

Internal email and copy links are available to recipients for 10 days, unless otherwise configured during implementation. If your organization would like to adjust the timing of either or both, please have your Compa POC / Administrator contact our Support Team.

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