How to Collaborate using Sharing

Compa helps recruiters capture candidate pay insights, compare data in an apples-to-apples way, and create winning offers. But we know offers aren't a static item. They need to be reviewed, discussed, revised and disseminated to different audiences - both internally and externally.

Recruiters need the ability to share Compa insights so they can influence offer strategy, decision makers, and candidates. The best way to help educate, communicate and collaborate with stakeholders is by giving them the opportunity to see the data and analytics. So how do you share what you've created in Compa and ensure the right people see the right things?

With Sharing, you can provide stakeholders - whether they're a user or not - with a rich, dynamic and live experience for navigating and viewing data. And you get to manage access - with a little bit of help from us.

Shared View Configuration

Sharing can be accomplished for either internal or external audiences and users have the ability to choose what the recipients get to see. The table below highlights overarching functionality and differences between Internal and External Sharing.




Our Team



Anyone inside your organization, like HMs, Comp/TR, HRBPs, etc.

Anyone outside your organization, like a candidate.


Link or email

Link or email


Must share with email addresses that belong to your domain* (e.g.,

Any email domain

Data availability

All sections

Certain sections are automatically and always restricted, including Guidelines, Current Employees and Similar Offers

View availability

Read-only views of Forecast, Swimlanes and Side-by-Side

Read-only views of Forecast, Swimlanes and Side-by-Side

*To ensure your recipients receive share link emails, we recommend your IT Team add "" to their safe sender list so emails don't get stuck behind a firewall.

Learn more about how to Share Internally or Share Externally.

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