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FAQs: Sharing
FAQs: Sharing
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Have burning questions about Sharing? How it works, who has access, what other people get to see when you share a link...? Never fear! We've got answers to all those questions and more below.

Link Generation

  • How does a sharing link get generated?

    • A Compa user can generate a link by navigating to the Share icon in the upper right corner of a Candidate’s profile page.

    • The generated link includes a secret, randomized code called a token. When the link is opened, Compa authenticates the token and opens a read-only page.

  • Can you guess or reproduce the token?

    • No. Compa generates tokens based on industry best practices and randomized cryptographic algorithms, which makes them almost impossible to reproduce or break.

  • Is there a time limit on the link?

    • Yes. The link is available for 10 calendar days. After the tenth day the link automatically expires and deactivates.

    • There is also a link countdown, which shows the the number of days left before the link expires. The countdown is viewable from the Share icon in the upper right corner of a Candidate's profile screen.

  • Can a link be deactivated?

    • Yes. A Compa user can deactivate the link at any time from the Candidate’s profile page.

  • Can a link be deactivated before the 10 days are up?

    • Yes. A Compa user can deactivate the link at any time from the Candidate’s profile page.

    • Additionally, creating a new link deactivates any previous links.

  • Can a link be extended beyond 10 days?

    • No. To ensure security, the time period a link is active cannot be extended. Once a link expires, a Compa user will need to reactivate a link (and re-share it, as necessary).

Sharing a Link

  • What happens if a Compa user sends a link to another Compa user?

    • They will see the Candidate profile in a read-only mode - same as if they were generating the link themselves.

  • Can anyone see the Candidate’s profile page using a generated link?

    • Yes. If the link is active, anyone can use that link to access the read-only version of the Candidate’s profile page.

  • Can I send the link to a candidate or someone outside of my organization?

    • Yes. You can send the link to anyone with access to the internet.

  • What if I just copy my browser URL for the Candidate's profile screen? Will that provide the same read-only access?

    • While you could copy your browser URL and share it with a non-Compa user / visitor, that person wouldn't be able to access any information because:

      • they are not an authenticated user of Compa AND

      • the URL you've shared doesn't contain the secret token.

  • Can a Compa user send the URL from the Preview page to a non-Compa user / visitor?

    • Yes. The Preview page contains the secret token so when a visitor accesses the shared URL, they'll be able to see read-only Candidate information.

Access via a Shared Link

  • Can a non-Compa user / visitor navigate to other sections of Compa?

    • No. The share link is limited to read-only information on the Candidate’s profile. Even if a visitor tries to manually change the URL in their browser, they won’t be able to see any additional or different information within Compa.

  • Can I use the share link or secret token to get to a Candidate's data in my Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

    • No. The URL and token are specific to Compa only and do not lead back to your ATS.

Persisted Information

  • What happens if I make changes to the information in the candidate profile while the link is active?

    • We think of changes in two ways: data vs. settings.

      • Changes made to data - like making updates to an offer, adding a competing offer or pay expectations, etc. - persist while the link is active. If a visitor is utilizing the share link you provided and you've made changes, they can simply refresh their screen and the data updates will be visible.

      • Changes made to settings - like hiding / unhiding rows in Swimlanes or columns in Side-by-Side, or changing your view from 1-Year Total Comp to 1-Year Base Salary - will not persist. You would need to deactivate the link and create a new link to share.

Data Security

  • Once a non-Compa user / visitor accesses the Candidate's profile page via the link, can they modify any data?

    • No. All data and information is available as read-only.

  • Can a non-Compa user / visitor see a Candidate's Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

    • The only PII available is that of the specifically shared Candidate (e.g., name, job title, and pay elements specific to them). PII for other Candidates - like those on the Similar Offers tab - is hidden and/or redacted.

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