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Make Better Offers Using Compa Estimate
Make Better Offers Using Compa Estimate
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Compa's pay prediction provides helpful data insights

Even if your organization has been good about collecting offer data, have you been able to get meaningful insights to better help you win more offers faster? What if you had a place where all that data was magically aggregated and a crystal ball that could provide a starting point for making fair and competitive offers?

Compa's Estimate helps to do just that! We analyze candidate data and offer history to predict a winning offer. The more data you enter, the more information Compa has to analyze, which results in better pay predictions and offers that represent what's really happening in the world.

To get started, navigate to a Candidate's detail screen. The Compa Estimate provides a predicted offer range, which dynamically updates based on information entered by users.

As you enter, change or update data, Compa's data science engine is churning in the background to update the pay prediction. The more data you enter, the more refined the pay prediction becomes.

The Compa Estimate provides another piece of critical information to give you a better sense of where to start your Offer and an opportunity to gain additional insights into what is likely to win!

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