Statewide Legislation

❌ You cannot:

  • Ask about salary history

  • Rely on salary history to determine whether to offer employment or what salary to offer

  • Seek salary history information (including post offer or post-employment)

✅ You can:

  • Consider unprompted, voluntarily disclosed salary history info to set salary (but not for making a hiring decision)

  • Ask about salary expectation for the position in which they’re applying

📌 You must provide the pay scale (salary or hourly wage range) for the position to which the applicant is applying, if the applicant requests it, and after completion of an initial interview

📝 A new State Bill has been proposed to expand the pay transparency laws under Section 432.3 of the Labor Code. The proposed measure will require all California employers to proactively provide pay scales for open positions in job postings, not just upon request. The state senate passed the bill on May 24, 2022 and it now moves on to the state's assembly and governor's desk.

San Francisco-specific Legislation

❌ You cannot:

  • Ask for, or consider, current or prior compensation in setting pay

  • Disclose current or former employee’s salary information without their consent

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